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Can You Really Find Friends on the Web? 

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Guide, People

Tips And Tricks How to Avoid Winter Depression 

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If you’re like me, you’ve had at least one nightmare where your

motorcycle gets stolen. The closest encounter I’ve had



This Is What Takes To Be Close To The Cherry 

Y Combinator startup AnyPerk has made some serious headway in the employee perks space since launching last March. It has attracted the business of hot startups like Pinterest, Klout, Seamless, BirchBox, Quora, and even Pandora. AnyPerk helps small companies offer their employees top-notch perks like…


Cryptocurrency prices edge higher 

Du har äntligen tagit beslutet att börja spara pengar – jättebra! Vägen till ett hälsosamt sparande är lättare än vad man tror men hur börjar man? Hur får du in mentaliteten att börja spara varje månad? Det största misstaget människor gör med sitt sparande är…


Cryptocurrency prices edge higher 

Major digital currencies edged higher on Thursday, after a two-day sell-off saw the world’s biggest cryptocurrency bitcoin lose more than 50 percent from its December high. Bitcoin and ethereum — the first and second largest virtual currencies by market value — appeared to recover after…